It starts with a drawing...

3-Week Live Zoom Workshop • Choose One of Two Sessions

14 places available

Session 2

Friday: July 9 • Saturday July 10 • Tuesday July 13, 2021 

Hawaii Noon-3pm  •  Pacific 3pm-6pm  •  Mountain 4pm-7pm  •  Central 5pm-8pm   Eastern  6pm-9pm

Saturday July 10 • Sunday July 11 • Wednesday July 14, 2021 

Australia West 6am-9am  •  Australia East 8am-11am  •  New Zealand 10am-1pm

Each Session consists of 3 Live Lessons and each Live Lesson is 3 hours. Choose Session 1 or 2 depending on your time zone.

In this workshop, students will compose a design, create a full-scale pattern on freezer paper, and assemble the forms using a technique called Appli-piecing, originally developed by Caryl Fallert-Gentry.

By using this technique, you can bring almost any complex abstract idea into quilt form. You will retain a clean, graphic look and when complete, you will have a quilt top pieced together with a 1/4” seam allowance.

As I guide students in creating a simple or complex design, I will encourage that the process is undertaken with openness and ease. Students will play with shape, scale and movement. We will also discuss creating a value study, and then choosing your palette.

Students will be provided with a sample exercise to assemble in order to become comfortable with the technique before they start designing. In addition, I will present a slideshow that illustrates the steps in the process.

It is my desire to bring something fresh and new into this world, and encourage my students to do the same. While this technique requires planning and a pattern, you can be very free with your drawing and have fun while doing it!

Session 1

Friday: July 9 • Saturday July 10 • Tuesday July 13

Hawaii 7am-10am  •  Pacific 10am-1pm  •  Central 12noon-3pm   Eastern  1pm-4pm • London 6pm-9pm • Paris 7pm-10pm

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Your experience is important to me...

My goal is for you to be prepared for this workshop, technically and otherwise. Therefore, I will be providing you with the following:

  • After you sign up, you will have access to pre-course on-demand content. Here you will find video tutorials to assist you in choosing your palette, well as a few downloads regarding basic color theory. I also elaborate on the supplies and why certain items are very important.

  • Access to a Private Community for this course to ask questions and share your work in between Live Lessons.

  • Technical tips and advise to enhance your experience.

Student Work

I am so proud of the work my students create! 

Left to right: Mona Roberts, Dietta Hitchock and Alice Megna

I hope you will join me!

Enrollment will be limited...

What my students are saying...

"I have wanted to take a class from Sheila for a long time but none have been close so I was delighted to find an on-line class.  I wondered if it would be possible to get the same amount of help as an in person class.  It proved to be no problem.  Sheila is very organized and had worked out how to use zoom as an interactive tool. She had a white board for demonstrations and she used procreate to show us ideas for our individual work.  I was able to hear and see all she was doing with each student. One of the best things about taking a class is learning from the people around you.  The Zoom format capitalizes on that.  

I had hoped by taking a class from Shelia to gain new ways of thinking about my own work.  I felt fairly confident working intuitively, but wanted to get another point of view.  I came away with many new ideas bubbling away!

I truly appreciated Sheila’s personality and teaching style.  I watched as she gently lead each of us in to new ways of thinking. I am far more blunt, not always the best because it can stop the “flow”.  But Sheila guided us each to a broader perspective. We were a diverse class.  Some had a fair amount of intuitive background, while others were new to the practice.  Sheila met us each where we were and I believe everyone made strides in the class. I watched and admired her teaching talent as well as her artistic talent.  She is so very willing to share her gifts.

If you get an opportunity to take a class from Sheila, grab it! Any worries about an on line class need not be.  I believe you will find new ideas and thoughts as a result of a class from her."  Catherine Beard

“Sheila is an inspiring teacher with a big give.  She has presented a comprehensive, fun, challenging and surprisingly addictive process of painting with fabrics. I was first impressed with Sheila’s quilts and wondered how they were built. I tried to teach myself modern quilt making by watching Youtube videos. I did do some experimenting with some of the tips I picked up, but nothing stuck, that is until I found Sheila’s workshop. First I took the fabric dyeing online workshop. Here she also breaks with tradition in presenting an unorthodox original technique for dyeing cotton. Her methods are simple and easy to bring into your studio practice. I am indebted to Sheila for her generous hands-on-approach to teaching and inspiring her students to leap into the unknown—souring thru fabrics into their own magical world of slice and stitch.”   Robin M Jordan


  • Do I need any special supplies for this workshop?

    You will need a projector and affordable options can be found on Amazon. You will also need freezer paper, a black Sharpie and of course fabric.

  • What type of fabric will I need?

    I recommend 100% cotton solid or textured fabric. I do not recommend fabric with large prints.

  • Will I have a finished quilt top at the end of the workshop?

    Many students have a completed top at the conclusion of the workshop, but this would depend on the size of your pattern. However, upon completion, you will have a firm grasp on this technique and may take your time assembling the pieces.

  • What if something happens and I'm not able to attend?

    There are no refunds, however your payment is transferable and you may apply it to another workshop at a future date. This only applies to virtual live workshops that I am hosting.