Explore the mystery and excitement of creating a pieced abstract quilt with little or no plan.

"Come with an open mind and an open heart and we’ll journey into the vast space of creative bliss." -sheila

March 2, 8, 16, 22, 30 & April 6 • 2024

Hawaii 7am-10am  •  Pacific 10am-1pm  •  Mountain 11am-2pm  •  Central Noon-3pm  •  Eastern  1pm-4pm

Central Europe 7pm-10pm  •  United Kingdom 6pm-9pm

Four of our live sessions together will take place on Saturdays, with two Friday sessions.

All sessions will be recorded and available for one month after our last class. It's no problem if you miss one or more! 

I teach this class in-person over 5 days, but now you have the opportunity to slowly create your piece and allow it to unfold during our 6-weeks together. 

In this workshop you will be given several options in which to compose your design, and choose whatever feels right for you. We will discuss basic design and composition, color and value, quilting, and most importantly - trusting your instincts. 

After you register, you will have immediate access to a tutorial where I share my construction techniques for sewing curved seams. Throughout this course, I will discuss some of the challenges you may run into with spontaneous design and piecing and so much more.

This is a great workshop for advanced quilters as well as beginners. 

Wherever you are is where we will start from.

Join me for a creative adventure in March!

Here is a sampling of work that has been creating in this workshop...

Sheila's workshop, Express Your True Self: One Piece at a Time has been such a wonderful way for me to grow as a sewist and maker!  

Sheila's gentle, relationships-first approach guided each of the participants towards uncovering and building their own unique creative voice. It does not matter whether you have done this type of work before. Sheila meets you where you are at, balancing the unfolding creative process with sensible skill building techniques required to put all of the pieces together. The community is so supportive and the small class size allowed for personalisation of experience. The class was online, but so well done and organized. I highly recommend it!   -Michelle Berry

Your experience is important to me...

My goal is for you to be prepared for this workshop, technically and otherwise. Therefore, I will be providing you with the following:

  • After registration you may access pre-recorded lessons in this course. This includes a tutorial on sewing curved seams with no pins as well as downloads on Basic Color Theory to aide you in selecting your palette.

  • Access to a Private Community for this course.

  • Technical tips and advise to enhance your experience.

What my students are saying...

Monica Johnstone

"Since I’m primarily an art quilter these days, I look for classes that will help me grow. There are many classes around that are based on short-cut techniques or patterns, but I screen for those that will give me insight into makers I admire and that have the potential to teach me more about color, line, and more sophisticated construction techniques. I hit the jackpot when I signed up for a two-day course offered by Sheila Frampton-Cooper. Her style of teaching is affirming, professional, warm, inclusive, and shows a strong intuitive grasp of where the student is. Her discussion of her work was process oriented and a great spring-board into our own immediate construction of individual motifs and color schemes. The environment in the class was collegial and we all got a substantial amount of work done. In her class, you learn to work in her manner without leaving as a clone—just as it should be. I went home inspired to keep going on my project and see it to completion."

Catherine Beard

“I have wanted to take a class from Sheila for a long time but none have been close so I was delighted to find an on-line class. I wondered if it would be possible to get the same amount of help as an in person class. It proved to be no problem. Sheila is very organized and had worked out how to use zoom as an interactive tool. She had a white board for demonstrations and she used procreate to show us ideas for our individual work. I was able to hear and see all she was doing with each student. One of the best things about taking a class is learning from the people around you. The Zoom format capitalizes on that. I had hoped by taking a class from Shelia to gain new ways of thinking about my own work. I felt fairly confident working intuitively, but wanted to get another point of view. I came away with many new ideas bubbling away! I truly appreciated Sheila’s personality and teaching style. I watched as she gently lead each of us in to new ways of thinking. I am far more blunt, not always the best because it can stop the “flow”. But Sheila guided us each to a broader perspective. We were a diverse class. Some had a fair amount of intuitive background, while others were new to the practice. Sheila met us each where we were and I believe everyone made strides in the class. I watched and admired her teaching talent as well as her artistic talent. She is so very willing to share her gifts. If you get an opportunity to take a class from Sheila, grab it! Any worries about an online class need not be. I believe you will find new ideas and thoughts as a result of a class from her.”

Nancy Eisenmenger

"Looking for a wonderful way to nurture your creative soul? Join Sheila Frampton Cooper for one of her workshops. Sheila is a fantastic teacher with a beautiful spirit to match. She works with you and helps you to access your inner creativity. Sheila will help you explore design options, while learning tips for piecing and fabric placement. At the end of the workshop you will have a fiber piece beyond your wildest expectations. You will also have a lifetime of friendships. Sheila encourages a loving, supportive atmosphere, helping you to explore your creative soul in a beautiful environment. I can’t say enough about the course I took with Sheila Frampton Cooper. It is not often that we come across someone so giving, and willing to teach us all that they know in order to encourage our creativity."

Refund Policy

  • Refund Policy

    There are no refunds, however, if your schedule should change prior to the start date, you will receive a credit for the amount paid towards a future workshop I host. Once the Workshop begins, there are no credits for missing any or all of the sessions.

  • If you miss a day...

    I understand that things may come up unexpectedly, and if you miss a class or a portion of one, a recording will be available within a few hours. All recordings will be available for one month after the completion of the course. So no worries, you won't miss anything.

Stay Informed...

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