Introducing my new 12-month course: The Improv Block of the Month!

An exclusive online workshop for those who love improv...

Throughout the past six years that I’ve been teaching my techniques to beginners and experts alike, I’ve met many students who were eager to create abstract improvisational quilts but didn’t know where to start. This inspired me to develop this exclusive course, that is tailored not only to those who are new to improv, but also quilters who enjoy the process and would like to learn a new approach. When it comes to improv, the methods and possibilities are endless!

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In terms of this course...

This is an on-demand course and available for you start watching right away. Each month I will provide you with (2) new downloadable “guides” which will serve as a starting point that we will all use, myself included, to create our blocks. Once we’ve created 5-6 blocks, we will explore placement options and this will inform our future design decisions. This will include cutting into the blocks that we’ve made and adding in more color and additional elements, depending on what it will be next to. The objective is to take this guide and make it your own. That means creatively giving yourself the permission to change it, add to it, and even make it unrecognizable - absolutely anything goes!

You will have access to on-demand videos that feature me creating my own blocks and describing what I’m doing, why, and offer you suggestions about how you can change the guide and make it your own. Through this immersive experience, you will see how I create, strategize, and rework my ideas, almost as if you were working alongside me.

In addition to sharing my entire process with you through on-demand video lessons, around the 1st of each month, I will host a Live Lesson via Zoom, within the course.  I will elaborate on the actual construction process and the many options available to you. You will also have an opportunity to share your work and ask questions.

The general philosophy of this course is that a little structure makes improvisational quilting far less daunting.

What I teach in all of my workshops is more of a mindset change. The techniques I’ll be sharing with you are not complicated. The hardest part for many students is beginning the process without a sketch or plan. Part of my role is to encourage you to enter the world of “what if’s” and to guide you in expressing your own, unique vision. 

To learn more about me click here and to view my quilts click here. 

I'm very proud of what students have created in my workshops and you may view some of their testimonials here. 

Payment options

Pay in full or make two payments for continued access to the course upon completion.

In this workshop you will learn…

  • To sew a curved seam with no pins. (It’s a lot easier than you may think.)

  • How to choose your palette, based on your individual preferences and basic color theory.

  • The best way to put everything together – from individual blocks to their ideal placement.

  • How to train your eye to identify what combinations pair well together and why.

What you will receive when you join this 12 month course...

  • Two downloadable "guides" each month, one curvy and one with no curves.

  • A new module each month, packed with video tutorials and lots of tips.

  • Monthly “Live Lessons” where you will have an opportunity to ask questions and share your work.

  • Access to an Exclusive Online Community for this course and the opportunity to discuss the lessons and share with other students.


  • How can I access the course after I register?

    To access the course and the Private Community for this class, go to MY DASHBOARD, and there you will find all of the courses you are enrolled in as well the community for each class.

  • What supplies will I need to get started?

    Since you will enjoy this workshop in the comfort of your own home or studio, you won't have to think about lugging a bunch of supplies to a venue. I'm sure that you have everything you need, a sewing machine and all of the tools you would normally use. All you need is the fabric!

  • What kind of fabric do I need?

    In this workshop, I will be using 100% solid colored cotton fabric of varying values. I suggest having at least 1 yard on hand for each color that you will be using.

  • Can I use printed fabric?

    There are no rules in this workshop, so if you would prefer to use prints, that is certainly your option, but I do not recommend it. There are effects that you can create with solids that are not possible with prints.

I'm really excited about this workshop!

Over the course of 12 months, it will be a great pleasure to witness your progress as well as share mine. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

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