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If you have ever considered taking a workshop with me in the past, but you were hesitant to jump into the deep end - then this is definitely the workshop for you!

January 20, 24, 27, 31 & February 2 • 2024

Hawaii 7am-10am  •  Pacific 10am-1pm  •  Mountain 11am-2pm  •  Central Noon-3pm  •  Eastern  1pm-4pm

Central Europe 7pm-10pm  •  United Kingdom 6pm-9pm

Each live session will be recorded and available for a month after the completion of the workshop. If you need to miss one or two live sessions, it's no problem! 

About this workshop... 

A block is the most standard unit used to create a quilt. I view “blocks” and “parts” as one and the same. There are so many ways to approach making a block, and an infinite number of ways to assemble them. 

You can achieve a result that makes the “block” component less obvious to define, and that’s what this workshop is all about… Creating a simple or complex block that you can most certainly assemble without engineering challenges, and ultimately, creating a dynamic piece of art. 

In this workshop, we will explore various improvised approaches, and each one will lead you on a creative adventure. In fact, you will find that you have the beginnings of several pieces, not just one! 

We will be using solid fabric in this workshop in order to achieve the desired effect, and the illusion that will make the actual blocks challenging to detect. Textured solids are absolutely welcome, but I do not advise fabrics with large prints.

This is a great workshop for those who are new to improv, as well as those who are experienced in this way of working. We will explore curved piecing as well as straight seams, and each day there will be a new approach for you to practice. We will also discuss color relationships, scale, value and much more. 

Each live session is 3 hours, and you will have a day or two between our live session to work on your own. There is a dedicated Community for this course, and that is where you will share your work. At the start of each live session, I will provide guidance on what you’ve created and the many options available to you. 

Making parts is my favorite way to create my quilts, and I’m excited to share my process in this virtual workshop! 

Since 2014, I’ve taught my process of creating abstract improvisational quilts to students all over the world.

I enjoy teaching immensely, and it’s very rewarding to witness students having breakthroughs and realizing what they have inside of them just waiting to be expressed. 

However, I’ve wanted to do a workshop exclusively for those that are new to improv, which will focus more on the basics and deepen your understanding color, value, scale and composition. I find that it’s best to learn something new over time, and have the opportunity to assimilate a new way of creating. 

This class is not only for beginners, because I myself enjoy going back to the basics. I feel it is valuable in regards to the creation of my future work. However, we will not be getting into complex construction techniques in this workshop. 

Each session, you will be given a simple exercise that will serve two purposes.

1.  You will learn about color relationships, as well as the impact of value. In my opinion, value is often overlooked and will have the biggest impact on your work. We will be spending a lot of time on color! 

2.  Learning to work without a plan can be daunting, and in this workshop we will be doing this in a very simple, non-overwhelming way. I feel it’s very important to build a strong foundation, and part of that foundation includes a mindset change. To create lasting change, little steps must be taken consistently over a period of time. The exercises I will provide in this workshop will slowly take you into the “no plan zone”, in a slightly structured and more comfortable way.

What you will learn:

Upon completion of this workshop, you will have a strong foundation to build on.

  • Creating and connecting blocks/parts.

  • Basic color theory and the confidence to choose a palette that will work harmoniously.

  • The impact of scale on your work and finding that perfect balance.

  • Identifying your personal preferences and how you like to work, naturally.

  • And most important, mindfulness while creating.

Refund Policy

  • Refund Policy

    There are no refunds, however, if something urgent should arise prior to the start date, you will receive a credit that can be applied to a future virtual workshop. Once the Workshop begins, there are no credits or refunds for missing any or all of the sessions.

  • If you miss a day...

    I understand that things may come up unexpectedly, and if you miss a class or a portion of one, a recording will be available later that day. All recordings will be available for one month after the completion of the course. So no worries, you won't miss anything!

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