Improv is a wonderful way to take your quilt-making to the next level.

...And my new on-demand workshop is here to help!

This dynamically-paced one-hour course offers a powerhouse of fresh, new ideas. My approach in this workshop is much less complicated because there's no curved piecing, and while it's straightforward enough for improv newbies, there are opportunities to complicate your approach if you like a challenge. 

Improv quilt design may feel intimidating if you're more accustomed to following patterns, but it can be incredibly liberating!

This is because the focus is on working with the shapes and colors that you bring to the project. It takes a sense of adventure and willingness to trust your instincts, and I would love to be your guide!

In this workshop, I discuss the artistic concepts of color, scale, composition, and value, which is an essential part of creating beautiful works of art in any form. In terms of color, the hue and intensity of colors used can make all the difference in a piece. Scale deals with relationships between elements and objects; for example, making contrast by receding certain elements into the background using size or spacing. Composition helps unify different parts on a canvas (your design wall) - artistically arranging them in an eye-catching way - while taking into account such aspects as balance, movement and focal points. Finally, value is concerned with adding depth by studying light and dark tints when shading an image or object. By focusing your attention on these four principles of art-making, you can make stunning quilts.

This workshop is packed with tips, including how to do really thin lines very easily!  

For quilters who want to keep their creative juices flowing, introducing an improv practice can do a world of good. The added challenge of not relying on a pattern and engineering your own plan as you go can be incredibly rewarding, while also working different parts of the brain, and we all know how important "brain health" is.

As you work more and more on improv quilting projects, your skills will grow and your confidence will increase. Improv  is a journey worth exploring. In fact, I believe it should be a part of every quilter’s repertoire.

With no time limit to complete this course, you have the freedom to be creative and explore improvisation at your own pace!

Best of all, you'll have access to an exclusive community for this course. This is where you will share your creations and interact with other enthusiastic quilters. So let go of that inner critic, dive into your stash and join me as we embark on a wild improvisational journey together!

Join me in my studio...

As I share lots of tips and tricks for easy improv!

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