Explore the mystery and excitement of creating a pieced abstract quilt with little or no plan.

5-Day Live Zoom Course

April 8, 9, 12-14, 2021

8am - 3pm Pacific Time 

In this workshop, students will be given several options in which to compose their design, and choose whatever feels right for them. We will discuss basic design and composition, color and value, quilting, and most importantly trusting your instincts. 

I will demonstrate construction techniques for sewing curved seams and discuss some of the challenges you may run into with spontaneous design and piecing. 

This workshop is for those of you who are advanced as well as beginners, and every level in between. 

Wherever you are is where we will start from. 

Your experience is important to me...

My goal is for you to be prepared for this workshop, technically and otherwise. Therefore, I will be providing you with the following:

  • A "Meet and Greet" the day before the workshop so you can test your camera setup and ask any fabric questions, etc.

  • Prior to the start date you will find a pre-recorded lesson in this course on Basic Color Theory to aide you in selecting your palette.

  • Technical tips and advise to enhance your experience.

What my students are saying...

Monica Johnstone

"Since I’m primarily an art quilter these days, I look for classes that will help me grow. There are many classes around that are based on short-cut techniques or patterns, but I screen for those that will give me insight into makers I admire and that have the potential to teach me more about color, line, and more sophisticated construction techniques. I hit the jackpot when I signed up for a two-day course offered by Sheila Frampton-Cooper. Her style of teaching is affirming, professional, warm, inclusive, and shows a strong intuitive grasp of where the student is. Her discussion of her work was process oriented and a great spring-board into our own immediate construction of individual motifs and color schemes. The environment in the class was collegial and we all got a substantial amount of work done. In her class, you learn to work in her manner without leaving as a clone—just as it should be. I went home inspired to keep going on my project and see it to completion."

Eva Karlsson

“I went to Texas in April, 2019 to spend 5 days with Sheila and a group of wonderful quilters. Quilters are usually very generous people, and this group proved to be no different. Everyone was willing to help and share if someone came up short on fabric, or anything else. Several in the class had taken a workshop with Sheila perviously, and that speaks volumes right there - repeat customers! Sheila is a fabulous soul and teacher. She is methodical in explaining her process and color choices, but allows you to take the turns as wide as you want to. She walks the class room constantly, stopping by each person, giving feedback and advice if you have a hard time to figure out how to continue. It’s a hard balance - being available for questions and advice, but still letting the individual do their thing. But she manages to do just that - with style, finesse and a good sense of humor to boot. If you are interested in being a little daring, and would like to receive wonderful guidance and take your quilting and your sense of color to the next level, please sign up for a workshop with Sheila!”

Nancy Eisenmenger

"Looking for a wonderful way to nurture your creative soul? Join Sheila Frampton Cooper for one of her workshops. Sheila is a fantastic teacher with a beautiful spirit to match. She works with you and helps you to access your inner creativity. Sheila will help you explore design options, while learning tips for piecing and fabric placement. At the end of the workshop you will have a fiber piece beyond your wildest expectations. You will also have a lifetime of friendships. Sheila encourages a loving, supportive atmosphere, helping you to explore your creative soul in a beautiful environment. I can’t say enough about the course I took with Sheila Frampton Cooper. It is not often that we come across someone so giving, and willing to teach us all that they know in order to encourage our creativity."

I hope you will join me!

Enrollment will be limited...

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